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August 28 2017



Zevran Arainai was born in 9:04-9:05 Dragon, making him ~40 years old at the time of the Trespasser events in Inquisition in 9:44 Dragon, and I would love to see more art of middle-aged looking Zevran. Especially in DA4 speculative works. Beautiful older Zevran, please. Laugh lines, crows feet (teehee), threads of silver/grey hair.

throws this here cause I too want to see middle aged Zevran cmon please……

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“Proud to have a Gay Agenda”- Canada’s New Democratic Party

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Our friends took some engagement photos of us. Incredibly happy with the results. Pretty soon I’ll be marrying my best friend, @pinkliam316. I can’t wait!



It really is sad and heartbreaking how immigrants are afraid to evacuate bc they’re afraid ICE cares more about deporting them than their safety

matter of fact they’re not just afraid, they’re literally not leaving their flooded homes caused by hurricane harvey…. the gross ass border patrol is still doing their usual checkpoint procedures despite the natural crisis.

oh and it gets worse. ICE left 50 immigrant women and children stranded on a bus before hurricane harvey hit. they left those women and children to die because they cared more about protecting themselves before the storm hits. thankfully the immigrants found shelter, but due to these circumstances, we all know where the government lies when it comes to the protection of immigrants….pay close attention to how this all plays out bc it’s really sickening and heartbreaking.

This is also why I choose relief organizations other than the American Red Cross, who refused to help many Latino families in the wake of Katrina because those families could not produce documentation to prove that they weren’t out of status immigrants – because they *lost everything in the storm.*

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Tbh I never understood why the term “thunder thighs” is supposed to be derogatory, it sounds like I am a terrifying weather goddess

Just tell people: “Why yes, my thighs *were* blessed by an Asgardian diety. Thank you for noticing.”

“He murmured the blessing while he was between them, in fact.”

#i am here for the unexpected overlap of body positivity and norse mythology and cunnilingus  ( via @misshoneywheeler)

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Godfrey Gao for Jmen  Magazine

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Grandma… It’s me, Anastasia!

I hate you all

gandalf wins for dramatically removing his cape to reveal a second cape.












It kind of really confuses me when Barbie commercials have little girls dressing them up and brushing their hair
Like no
Barbie is not about fashion. Barbie is about collecting as many dolls as you can get your grubby 7 year old hands on and dominating the living room with your expansive empire of plastic women. Barbie is about creating intricate social structures and spicy inter-family conflicts between town house residents. Barbie is about formulating complex back stories for tortured Ken dolls with emotional scars. It’s about creating near-sadistic dramatic plot twists that split up marriages and cause that one Barbie you really dislike to be ceremoniously tossed down the stairs in order to be offed by the jealous ex-wife of Ken #4.

Yes, but how do you make it into a marketable commercial that won’t freak parents and caregivers out?

I’ve always had the impression that advertisers don’t really understand how girls play with their toys.

When I played with Barbies I had this thing called “The Dead Pit” which was a purple bratz laundry hamper. So whenever a Barbie got killed off she would go in there. And what I would do was I would carry her to the dead pit while singing the dead pit song. The dead pit song was just saying “The dead pit” over and over again in different tones. Anyway, once I finally reached the pit I would announce “(name) has died.” And drop her in. I would wait a few moments. Then, I would violently shake the hamper while shrieking, pretending to be the tortured souls of dead barbies from the underworld. I thought it was hilarious.

this shit is honestly so fucking real

I had a Cindy and a Ken and one day Cindy was so angry at Ken she ripped off her own leg and beat him to death with it. Then I moved onto the lego. 

If your Barbies’ lives aren’t like Game of Thrones, you’re not doing it right.

When I was 6/7, I buried my Barbie doll in the school’s playground because I wanted her soul to haunt it

I never really had barbies, but when I was a kid I used to play a game called ‘Highway to Extinction’ which was just me jamming a playskool jeep full of dinosaur beanie babies and ramming it repeatedly into a wall

My barbies were basically paint brushes with female bodies for handles.

What the fuck

I had Barbie & Ken and Midge & Chip and they’d get together and have partner-swapping swinger parties where Barbie and Midge would pair up and Chip and Ken would pair up and occasionally they’d have a four-person orgy.

…In retrospect, it’s kind of surprising nobody knew I was gay.

August 11 2017



having to use your own art as reference cause you forgot how to draw


having to go back to reread previous chapters of your own story as a reference because you forgot how to write 


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Someone got owned.






Do Deaf people understand puns? Are there some combinations of sign language which are hilariously ambigious?

Signing the word milk when moving it pas your eyes is “pasteurized milk” (past your eyes milk)

That’s appalling. Have a like.


This makes me so happy, you’ve no idea.

I don’t know if it still is (it’s been a LONG time since I was in communities that used ASL), but when I was learning/using ASL, the sign for burger was literally the sign for booger because it sounds alike, and the sign for decaf (coffee/tea) was based on the sign for deaf. To sign “boring” or “bored,” you would grind your knuckle against your nose to make it look like you had your finger all the way up your nose, picking boogers because you were so bored.

These don’t really count as puns by themselves, probably, but they make it SUPER easy to MAKE puns. Deaf/decaf was the subject for most of my friends – sorry, I can’t hear you, I had de©af coffee this morning.



customer just asked me if i knew that the john adams was the second president of the united states

like…it wasn’t random, he was buying david mccullough’s book john adams and he asked me if i knew that he, john adams, was the second president of the united states because “not many people know that”

LOL RETAIL. I talked to a customer today who said, “Climate change isn’t real, you know. It’s people change. We cut down all the forests and put so much asphalt in and that’s why.”

Cue me trying really hard not to ask what the hell she thinks climate change IS

recipe for a mindfuck - complicated and hard to replicate, but 100% tested and proven

1. Fall asleep and be swallowed by a weird, restless dream. The kind of dream where you inhabit someone else’s life, down to the dirty details, in such realistic immersion that you jerk awake sometime in the middle of the night unsure of who you are, where you are, or when you are. Sometimes what you are. Sometimes you’re not sure if you’re actually awake or not because you tried to grab your phone to check the date and time but your phone isn’t in your hand and you can’t seem to see…anything.

2. Repeat multiple times in one night.

3. Still feel out of it the next day, remnants of those odd dreams hanging on.

4. Be at work, doing a mindless task that lets you zone out.

5. Hear Edith Piaf’s “Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien” faintly, slowly getting louder

6. Feel your brain melt and twist inside out as you wait for the kick

The kick, of course, never comes and someone walks around the corner pulling their phone out of their purse. The song ends when they answer the phone. It was just their ringtone. You are not still dreaming.


August 10 2017

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Muramasa Kudo, Cat and Wasp, Gold Leaf & acrylic on canvas

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Photos of journalists critical of Putin, who later died under mysterious circumstances.

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The Return of the King (2003) // Wonder Woman (2017)

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HA! Love it when this happens, thought you might be amused too

August 09 2017



The other question is how many of you would call me out over naming one of the women Jolene 🤔

would be like writing HP fanfic and calling one of the kids Harry seems the natural thing to do also, title suggestion “soft like summer rain”

That was an original title idea! But it’s evolved a bit and also I think I picked a different name for the woman. Stay tuned!

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