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February 05 2018

As you read a book word by word and page by page, you participate in its creation, just as a cellist playing a Bach suite participates, note by note, in the creation, the coming-to-be, the existence, of the music. And, as you read and re-read, the book of course participates in the creation of you, your thoughts and feelings, the size and temper of your soul.
Ursula K. Le Guin
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So, I forgot my student loan deferment ended, and I am fucked, since work’s pulling bullshit with everyone’s pay, and I’m still paying for class, plus car payment/gas/insurance/etc, so, realistically, I’m kinda really fucked, instead.

That’s, like, 200$ in student loan payment per month, 230$ in car payment, 120$ in car insurance, 150$ in paying for my class, and 100$ for paying off my phone and laptop (which I need for school and running my etsy shop).

That’s 800$, at least, per month, when I’m barely pulling in 400$ every paycheck, which is about to get smaller for the sheer fact I’m going back to school. That’s for bills alone. That’s not counting gas money to get to class, or money to help with the household groceries. I’m lucky I don’t have to pay rent, at this point.

So, if ya’ll wanna like, Commission Me, or check out my Etsy, or something, I’d really appreciate it, ‘cause I’m like… really hella fucked over, until I can apply to have a ‘pay by income’ thing, and even then, I might not get that approved.

even just signal boosting this would be a help.

So my boss took hours away, ones that I could work, so uh, yeah, looking for a new job already because they’re not following through on hours, pay, or the promised promotion, so it’d be cool if you checked my stuff out


In addition, op, if you are in the us, call your student loan provider and ask to be put on an income contingent or income based repayment plan. They’ll scale your payments to your income so you can manage it. In some cases, you may not have to pay anything at all, and usually they’ll put you on an emergency deferment until your paperwork goes through.


“be stubborn about your goals but flexible about your methods.” the best advice I’ve ever received.

happy superb owl day





When I complain about being a ‘gifted’ kid who grew into a talentless adult I don’t mean that I’m not trying to work on my talents or anything

I mean that the ‘gifts’ I had are useless

Reading books above my age isn’t a talent when I’m not eleven

Knowing big words isn’t a talent when I’m not a kid, it’s just growing up

It’s just a weird thing that happens and it feels shitty when you’re brought up being told you’re an exceptional child only to realise as an adult you’re just average


I did a lot of reading about gifted kids and especially gifted adults when I got my “diagnosis” because I was told I was gifted at 23 and well, it serves no purpose to have a confirmation that you’re gifted at 23

Thing is, gifted children are not amazingly better than everyone else. Gifted brains just don’t work the same so they build their skills in a different order

Basically when you’re very young, most people brain learn social skills and how to interact with their peers, but gifted brains are already at the next step which is how to understand and interact with the world

That makes the stereotypical young children that are very good at math, always asking questions about how things work, very upset when they don’t know a thing

But the thing is, when everyone gets older, they’ve mastered most social skills and now turn towards understanding the world

But the gifted children have already mastered that part and are turning towards how to build social skills. Except there’s no one left to teach us about that! Because we’re late to that party

Long story short, at the end everyone, gifted or not, goes through all the necessary steps to make functioning adults, so the difference that was obvious as a child has disappeared

But us gifted people often end up with social anxiety and impostor syndrome because we are actually less equipped than others to face a world that taught everyone to be confident and talk to people while we were busy reading books above our age

……………that last paragraph.


I feel like they always keep one or two for the drama alone

PROBABLY but damn

Millenials don’t believe in democracy because we have never experienced it. In the United States, Democracy was repealed in 1976 with the Buckley v. Valeo Supreme Court decision. This contended that giving money to political parties was “free speech” and could not be infringed. In the stroke of a pen, American Democracy was dead and replaced with plutocracy. The ability to vote can be powerful, but not nearly as powerful as the ability to bribe, and this decision legalized bribery and called it “campaign contributions”.

Since then, virtually none of the after-inflation economic gains have been shared by Americans who are not high-earners and opinions of voters have had zero effect on policy. By contrast, opinions of donors have a very high correlation.

Democracy has been dead since before any millennial was born, and every year the corpse that bears its name redistributes more wealth from the middle and lower classes to the corrupt. Can you blame us for disdaining a system that has done nothing but steal from us?

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on point

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that feel when you hate a project runway designer but they just keep skating by

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i submitted this idea to corporate

listen i work at starbucks you don’t need to pay me $7 for this

you can pay me $1

hell i’ll pay you


team ‘enemies to lovers’ or team ‘friends to lovers’?

“That dress is so unattractive” says the Project Runway judge

“You’re obviously not a lesbian,” I say, salivating over that gay-ass dress

February 04 2018


since Vday is coming up, this post is an official announcement that you have my permission to send me horrible, inappropriate, and outright hilarious tumblr valentines

Watch out people, tumblr is fucking with dashboards again


   Last year we introduced Safe Mode, which filters sensitive content in your dashboard and search results so you have control over what you see and what you don’t. And now that it’s been out for a while, we want to make sure everyone has the chance to try it out.                    

   Over the next couple weeks, you might see some things in your dashboard getting filtered. If you like it that way, that’s great. If you don’t, no problem. You can go back by turning off Safe Mode [there’s a link here in the original mail] any time.

There is no information, NOWHERE, what will be filtered.

There is no information HOW we should even notice things getting filtered.



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This was the crossword puzzle in the New York Times yesterday. 

Tausig’s crossword is a so-called Schrödinger puzzle, named for the physicist’s hypothetical cat that is at once both alive and dead. In a Schrödinger puzzle, select squares have more than one correct letter answer: They exist in two states at once. “Black Halloween animal,” for example, could be both BAT or CAT, yielding two different but perfectly correct puzzles. Only 10 such puzzles have now been published in Times history.

It’s the theme of Tausig’s puzzle, though, that makes it special. Four entries in Thursday’s crossword can include either an “F” or an “M.” Both are correct; neither is wrong. For example, “Part of a house” can be either ROOF or ROOM. The long “revealer” answer, tying those select entries together and spanning 11 squares smack-dab in the middle of the puzzle, is GENDER FLUID.

This puzzle, with “M”s and “F”s that aren’t fixed, is a masterful blend of subject and structure. “It potentially really evokes what gender fluidity is, which is not moving back and forth between two poles, but actually not being committed to either pole, and potentially existing in many states at different times,” Tausig said.

This is … really cool.

i never really thought of crossword puzzles as an art form, but like… this is art.

a crossword puzzle based on schrodingers’ cat??? a phYSICS CONCEPT??? sign me tf up i love everything about this

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for wheat is wheat, even if people think it is a grass in the beginning — Vincent van Gogh




TIL of the “Tiffany Problem”. Tiffany is a medieval name—short for Theophania—from the 12th century. Authors can’t use it in historical or fantasy fiction, however, because the name looks too modern. This is an example of how reality is sometimes too unrealistic.

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“Authors can’t use it in fantasy fiction, eh? We’ll see about that…”

–Terry Pratchett, probably

Try to implement anything but a conservative’s sixth grade education level of medieval or Victorian times and you will butt into this. all. the. time. 

There was a literaly fad in the 1890′s for nipple rings for all genders(and NO, it was NOT under the mistaken belief that it would help breastfeeding–there’s LOTS of doctors’ writing at the time telling people to STOP and that they thought it would ruin the breast’s ability to breastfeed well, etc). It was straight up because the Victorians were freaks, okay
Imagine trying to make a Victorian character with nipple rings. IMAGINE THE ACCUSATIONS OF GROSS HISTORICAL INACCURACY

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I’m going to anyway. We could all use a little immunity bunny in our lives.

i need immunity bunny to protect me from the flu that my coworkers keep bringing to me

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