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May 25 2017


There are no Ubisoft fans. You may like Assassins Creed or Far Cry but you don’t like Ubisoft. No one does.


Character: so what’s our next move?
Me, the writer, six coffees deep into an existential crisis: I don’t know, what is your next fucking move?

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Trump’s lack of decency is dragging the Republicans backwards to scumbag levels.

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Jaal was showing off his fins but it made it hard to get a picture…

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Norwegian forest cat chasing a fox

did you mean: two best friends on an IMPORTANT ADVENTURE

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I just felt like it was a great time for everyone to see Sweet Bisexual Channing Tatum being a dork with Matt Bomer at Pride.

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Dramatic portraits of fish photographed by Visarute Angkatavanich

I loooooove photos like these of small animals!! Wish I had managed to get one of Omicron.

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My precious rescue, Merribold. 

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Reddit, meet our doghter, Piper! (Source: http://ift.tt/2pfvCWu)

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Hooooly shit. According to this writer, Xfinity is falsely impersonating its customers in order to post anti-net neutrality comments on the FCC website.

Try to even it out by visiting gofccyourself.com and hitting +EXPRESS and leaving a pro-net neutrality comment.

Oh, and they just sued a cease and desist against the website outing them on this:

Comcastroturf.com explains to the public that “someone has submitted nearly half a million anti-net neutrality comments to the FCC, many of which appear to be completely fake — using stolen names and addresses,” and gives anyone an opportunity to check if their name is being used without their knowledge. Today, Fight for the Future released a statement to announce that Comcast’s attorneys had sent them a cease and desist order that insists the group “take all steps necessary to see that the Domain Name [Comcastroturf.com] is assigned to Comcast.”

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A walk through Brookline, MA on 5/24/17

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May 24 2017

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CBO confirms Republicans are the absolute worst. They are purely ‘tax cuts in search of a policy’.

They have no desire to improve health care or increase the number of covered Americans. They want billionaires to become trillionaires.

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The Best Way to Remember Someone’s Name.

I feel personally attacked.

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Dos and don'ts on designing for accessibility

Karwai Pun, GOV.UK:

The dos and don’ts of designing for accessibility are general guidelines, best design practices for making services accessible in government. Currently, there are six different posters in the series that cater to users from these areas: low vision, D/deaf and hard of hearing, dyslexia, motor disabilities, users on the autistic spectrum and users of screen readers.

[…] Another aim of the posters is that they’re meant to be general guidance as opposed to being overly prescriptive. Using bright contrast was advised for some (such as those with low vision) although some users on the autistic spectrum would prefer differently. Where advice seems contradictory, it’s always worth testing your designs with users to find the right balance, making compromises that best suit the users’ needs.


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Such great pictures ! [x]

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