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May 22 2018

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moss light

Kings River, California


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hold on


“I knew that monsters were far more gentle and more desirable than the monsters living inside ‘nice people.’ Accepting that you are a monster gives you the leeway to not behave like one. When you deny being a monster, you behave like one.”

— Guillermo del Toro on why he loves monsters. (via windfalling)

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When you’re trying to read some tarot cards but your cat is needy.




Yeah the Buster fic is underway because I lack impulse control. I may never post it anywhere though because it’s in a notebook

I ended up doing a cheap version of time travel that’s actually a traumatic head injury because I’m not the caliber of writer that can work around fixed timelines and butterfly effects.

Basically I’m writing every woman’s dream of bashing her head against a curb and waking up in Buster Keaton’s swimming pool circa 1930

No? Just me?

tell me she actually wakes up in the swimming pool, because yes

i miss being a medium-name fan in a fandom

especially when i was the first known writer for a small pairing that then got bigger


i miss that level of attention lmao

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the fun part is trying to figure out what everyone in the notes’ real names are

Abby :/

Amy. Fuck having a short name


So, it’s how people pronounce it all the time anyway.


how the hell do I even say that

Joy. That’s it, that’s my fantasy protagonist name. @quinfirefrorefiddle was right all along.




Ejlsu ….I feel like that needs an apostrophe in there


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this some next level BS

It makes sense because we kill people who kill people because killing is wrong, duh.

This is like that episode of Star Trek all over again…

What if we punished corrupt politicians with the death penalty? Wonder if that would help…


If you’re going to be giving advice on how to get better at something - and I’m thinking particularly of visual art, but applies to just about anything - then the key thing to understand is that most of the time, the reason that beginners don’t practice isn’t because they’re too lazy or because they’re looking for shortcuts, but because they don’t know how.

Engaging in productive practice is, itself, a skill that must be learned. Without it, what you’re doing isn’t practice: it’s just repetition, and all repetition does is reinforce existing shortcomings. If you’re good at what you do, you’ve probably sufficiently internalised that skill of how-to-practice that you don’t even realise you have it - which is a big problem when it comes to helping others improve!

Folks don’t need to be told to practice. They need to be told how to practice. There’s really no such thing as too much detail here - stuff that seems obvious to you almost certainly isn’t.



HEY!  US Citizens over 18!

The upcoming midterm elections are poised to be incredibly important for the future of our country.  You need to vote in them–the primaries and the general.

Are you registered to vote?  If you think you are, take a moment to check your registration well ahead of voting day.  Make sure you know your voting dates, polling place, how to get an absentee ballot if you need one, and any ID requirements.

If you aren’t, register right now!  Many states require registration before a deadline some time in advance of voting day, so don’t wait.

(Vote.org is reputable, but if you don’t want to use them, just Google “[state] voter registration” for information.)

And I don’t want to get too partisan on this post, but… if you have any reservations about voting for a “lesser evil,” get over them now.  Our voting system requires strategic voting, and that sucks, but since it’s true, vote strategically!  Vote your heart in the primaries, but in the general, vote for the lesser evil.  It’s a hell of a lot better than sitting on the sidelines patting yourself on the back for purity while the greater evil wins.

To add to that last paragraph: When you’re making your decisions on who to vote for, you’re most likely going to be basing your emotional responses and logical responses on the news you’ve been seeing come across your social media feeds. Needless to say, not all information is of the same credibility, truthfulness, or quality. 5 quick questions to ask yourself when you read something:

  1. How did you get the article?
  2. What was your response when you saw it?
  3. Who benefits from your reading the article?
  4. Have you checked your bias?
  5. Have you checked with other news sources?

And a quick reminder: The perfect candidate does not exist. Everyone is problematic. Everyone. You will have to weigh pros and cons, strong points and flaws, and make your own decisions based on compromises. 

Another reminder: The candidates who run for the big, headline-making, national offices have most likely worked their way up from small, local, city or county positions. So whoever’s occupying those small, local, unimportant positions now will affect national elections decades from now. Vote in your local elections.

(Media literacy questions taken from here, with a lot more good information elaborating on those questions: https://www.teenvogue.com/story/5-steps-to-improve-your-media-literacy)

So K and I are RP’ing two of our new characters in a college AU to get a better handle on their personalities before we drag them into their sci-fi canon and omg

Lin laughs, slinging his bag over his shoulder. “Maybe we can get coffee sometime and you can tell me something more interesting to read than The Sun Also Rises.”

Ari snorts as he picks up his empty pumpkin spice cup and tosses it in the nearest trash can. “I don’t drink coffee,” he says, gathering up his bag and heading toward the door.


friend: why are men like this 

me: *pulls PDFs out of nowhere* you see when the agricultural revolution started 

May 21 2018




Hey, unpopular opinion, apparently. But people don’t just “have pain for no reason” doctors say this all the time (especially to women and chronically ill people) and the truth is, Thats literally not possible. Even if your pains are psychosomatic (a word I hesitate to even use because of the way its used so often) there is a reason you are having those pains whether its mental illness, abuse, etc. If your doctor consistently tells you that “well some people just have pain for no reason” get a new doctor. That’s a doctor who is not going to give a shit what your actual symptoms or experiences are.

I just wanna add to clarify the psychosomatic thing.

That word DOES NOT MEAN you’re making it up. It doesn’t mean you’re imagining the symptom. What it means is that the symptom ISN’T DIRECTLY CAUSED BY ANY OF THE THINGS THAT WOULD NORMALLY CAUSE IT.

I fought to get a PCOS diagnosis for 2 and a half years. For the ENTIRE time I was fighting, I was dealing with 3 cysts that were not going away by themselves and eventually required surgery to remove. At one point close to the end of the battle, I suddenly went blind. I was visiting my parents and was standing on the veranda looking out over the tree we had planted in memory of my dog and suddenly I got one of the shooting pains that I was quite frankly used to at that point and my vision started to go dark. It was like the sun was setting while being completely hidden behind storm clouds but it was 2pm in the middle of Summer on a clear day. Within about 30 seconds I couldn’t see ANYTHING. I was 27 years old and I was screaming for my mother.

My mum raced me to her doctor (he was a 15 minute drive away as opposed to 45 minutes to the nearest hospital) and he quickly worked out that there was nothing wrong with my eyes and what had happened was totally unrelated to them. Then he said it was psychosomatic and I freaked out, yelling that I was NOT making this up and I definitely wasn’t imagining it. Very quickly he calmed me down and said he believed me and I had misunderstood. He explained that whatever was going on with my abdominal pains (he suggested PCOS which I hadn’t even heard of at that point) had been ignored for so long that my body was starting to do things other than the normal pain response to try to draw my attention to the problem. My sight going was my body basically jumping around in front of me going “HEY ARE YOU EVEN LISTENING TO ME HELLLOOOOOOO??????”

He gave me some prescription strength painkillers and my sight started to come back as soon as they started to kick in. About 45 minutes after it started I could see well enough to walk around without help and within a day and a half I was back to normal. On top of that I finally had a scan booked to figure out what the hell was causing all the pain.

Psychosomatic symptoms are NOT imagined or fabricated or happening for “no reason”. Experiencing them DOES NOT make you a liar. It makes you someone who has been battling with something serious for so long that your own body has started to get impatient with you.

I completely agree. Thank you for sharing this.

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Butterfinger kitty


I think one of the worst forms of child abuse is injecting them with a terminal sense of guilt. parents who constantly use guilt as a disciplinary tactic end up raising children who are unable and afraid to stand up for themselves. they are taught that their needs are unimportant, that they’re selfish for trying to individuate, and that they don’t really matter. they essentially begin to look at themselves as a burden, as something to be tolerated instead of loved - how cruel is it to make a person feel apologetic for their own existence?

the worst part is that since the abuse isn’t “actively” vicious, it’s difficult to identify it. when a person is raised on guilt, they have difficulty establishing boundaries, and they have difficulty developing themselves spiritually. as such, they’re more likely to become victims of further abuse in their adulthood. when something bad happens to them, they assume they deserved it.

it’s the people who apologize for everything, it’s the people who deprive themselves of things that are good for them, it’s the people who end up isolating themselves from others because they feel inherently damaged.

guilt is a poison and the only antidote is compassion

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James A. Kaufman & Associates, Owl Café, Albuquerque, New Mexico, 1986


So what if I am
phantom-bruise, torn
tether, feral orphan?
I’m telling you now, I
am never going to die.

Tarfia Faizullah, from “Sex or Sleep or Silk,” Registers of Illuminated Villages

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