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May 21 2018


It’s still sexist to deride a woman for the way she looks even if she is a bad person.






40 y/o white guy: Hey kid, ever hear about Rage Against the Machine? They really told it like it is! Fuck you I won’t do what you tell me!

me: Zack de la Rocha is Mexican Tom Morello is black Brad Wilk is jewish

40 y/o white guy: blue lives matter

RATM: Some of those that work forces, are the same that burn crosses

40 y/o white guy that claims he likes RATM: blue lives matter

Was it Paul Ryan that claimed to be a RATM fan? Like, nationally? In public? On TV? And then RATM came out and shut him down?


He dragged his very soul im dead

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How are we meant to feel about art that we both love and oppose? What if we are in the unusual position of having helped create it? Erasing history is a dangerous road when it comes to art—change is essential, but so, too, is remembering the past, in all of its transgression and barbarism, so that we may properly gauge how far we have come, and also how far we still need to go.
Molly Ringwald (via austinkleon)
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“Fern Sori” by T. VanEeckhoutte

Ngl I read that as “Fern son” and I didn’t even question it I just was like yeah ok that’s Tumblr for you and kept scrolling



this is adhd culture



an authority figure: [expresses slight, arguable disappointment in me]

me, shaking: Wow. Can’t Believe I’m The Worst Person Alive

authority figure: *is in a bad mood or even is just less friendly than usual*

me, stomach in knots: My fault? I must be the cause of this?

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I’m so, so tired of people saying impeaching Trump won’t fix our problems. Impeachment was never meant to fix any problems, no one ever claimed it did. The purpose of impeachment is to bring criminal presidents to trial in the Senate, and since Trump is the most criminal president we’ve ever had by far, he needs to be impeached. I suspect anyone on the left who says this doesn’t want to admit that things can and very much did get worse than the status quo of the Obama era.


in 10 days ireland is having a referendum to hopefully repeal the 8th amendment, which equates the life of a foetus to that of an adult

abortion is currently 100% illegal in ireland with a penelty of up to 14yrs (rape is 7yrs, if even that) and up to 10 people travel to england to access abortion every single day

if you’re irish, remember go to vote Yes on May 25th. if you’re not irish but have irish friends, remind them to go vote Yes

(rb if ya can)

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Stardew Valley!!! i feel like it’s obvious to tell who my faves are… lol



girls don’t like boys, girls like the pastoral escapist fantasy of living in a large house with many friends and several pets on a beautiful chunk of land with no financial, political, or medical anxieties. also, bread. 

#this is 90% of the women I know

Proven by the viral string of reblogs linking us to one another.




What the Right calls “censorship” is usually actually censure– people meeting them with strong disapproval.

What the Right calls for in return is usually actual censorship– asking ruling bodies and institutions to limit the freedom of expression.

Calling for counter-rallies against fascist recruiters: Censure.
Calling for universities to cancel “social justice” courses: Censorship.

Is it cool if I quote you this? Its a great explaintion, but its something I doubt id come up with myself.

My ideas are all yours to use.


thinking about how much I miss Howard Ashman, must be a day ending in Y

Honestly I saw someone the other day talking about all the influences in Beauty and the Beast of Howard’s awareness of how quickly his time was running out re: his struggle with AIDS, and they brought up the petals falling off the rose, and how it was a time marker, and like.

I’m not over this idea. I’ve been thinking about it on a daily basis for like a month now, and I just.

For one, it strongly echoes the work of Felix Gonzalez-Torres, who created several works inspired by and exploring themes and his reactions surrounding the AIDS-related death of his partner, Ross Laycock, very particularly “Untitled” (Placebo) and “Untitled” (Perfect Lovers)

For two, I mean, I’m never over Howard’s loss or the palpable longing for more and fear of the inevitable approaching unknown that rings through his compositions, notably “Part of Your World” and many of the songs of Beauty and the Beast, and this is just…even more tangible.

For three, there’s a hope and almost fantastical longing present in the symbolism of the rose (and its echo of Felix’s art): The hope of renewal. The hope of something more, something else, whether it’s an afterlife or a healing or even just the end to the epidemic that was ravaging and gutting their (our) community and their lives. Felix’s instructions for his art installations allow for the candy in Placebo to be replenished, for the batteries in Perfect Lovers to be replaced, for the maintenance of his lightbulb pieces by replacing any burned-out bulbs. The last petal of the rose falls, the Beast dies…and then is transformed into the prince, into a human, into someone who is no longer being counted down. The rose is gone, and with it, the curse that it represented. The beast is free; he is no longer its prisoner.

And idk, I can’t really look that thought fully in the face without crying. 

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Aitna III / Three Immortal Archons*, 2017

Ink and acrylics on paper, 29.5 x 18.4 cm


thinking about how much I miss Howard Ashman, must be a day ending in Y

I….think I might be getting sick

I thought I was sniffly and sneezy because allergies

but then I started cataloguing other symptoms, and honestly…idk 


“There’s a much quoted proverb in the world of finance that I hate: Give a man a fish and you will feed him for a day. Teach a man how to fish and you will feed him for a lifetime. I say bullshit to this. Do the poor really not know how to fish? And what good is it to know how to fish if the rights to fish are owned by powerful landlords? And if the river is polluted by upstream tyrants? And what good is it to be taught to fish if the price and distribution of fish is controlled by conglomerate monopolies?””

— Ananya Roy, “Who Profits From Poverty?“ 
(via whoiscamillepaglia)

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Sunday in the park.


If your plot is a mess clap your hands *clap clap*

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